Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas: Be Romantic, Not Broke

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, cue the hearts everywhere. Although you should be showing the special people in your life you love them every day, Valentine’s Day is the one day dedicated to the “L Word.”

While you may want to be all mushy, lovey-dovey romantic, you might also have your budget at the front of your mind. Don’t feel like you have to compromise the perfect Valentine’s Day for saving your pennies. After all, being with the one you love should be about how they make you feel when you’re with them, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. With these cheap Valentine’s Day ideas, you’ll be feeling like a money-saving Cupid.

Dine in

Restaurants are super sneaky on Valentine’s Day.  Some offer only a specific menu and the prices are usually outrageous. I’m talking $50-$100 a plate. If that makes you a little sick, the good news is that you don’t have to go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. I bet you and your significant other have a favorite place you like to order take out from. Or, maybe there’s a place you’ve never tried but always wanted to. Try ordering and dining at home instead. Light candles, play music and dance in the kitchen. If you want to get out of the house at least for a little bit, have dinner at home and then go out for dessert or a few drinks.

Valentines Day Dine in

Cook at home

If you like the idea of someone serving you, dining in with takeout is the way to go, but if you’re looking to take a little more action, cook a delicious homemade dish in your own kitchen. Try to cook something completely new together to add a fun twist. If you want to get creative, cook the dishes you both ate on your first date. Relive the history that brought you here today.

Have a movie night

Unless you live somewhere on the west coast or in a tropical area, it’s absolutely freezing out there. It literally hurts to breathe. What sounds better this time of year than getting in comfy clothes under a big blanket, snuggling up next to your loved one with hot chocolate and enjoying a movie? Not much, I’ll tell you.  Combine this with one of the first two tips and you’ll have yourself a pretty romantic Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Movie Night

Go to a comedy show

If you’re in the mood to laugh, a comedy show is a perfect inexpensive date for Valentine’s Day. Depending on the comedian, of course. There are many local spots and even restaurants that host hilarious comedy shows, and yes on Valentine’s Day. Visit sites like LaughStub or check the calendars or listings on your local newspapers’ websites to find shows in your area.

Go ice skating

You can always bundle up, grab your skates and hit the ice with your significant other for a great Valentine’s Day date that’s cheap and fun. Whether you’ve never done it before or you’re a seasoned skater, holding hands as you glide across the ice is always romantic. And, it’s fun to bet who will be the first one to fall.

Valentines Day Ice Skating

Camp out in the living room

Camping is such a fun summer activity, so why not enjoy it in the winter? If you’re living room is big enough to fit a tent, pitch it indoors, stuff it with an air mattress and sleeping bags, and have a little imagination with it. Cook s’mores over the stove – click here for a great recipe – cook some burgers and hot dogs, fill your plate with potato or pasta salad, chips and your other favorite camping fixings, and camp like it’s the middle of July. If you can’t fit a tent, how about having a picnic?

Put on a scavenger hunt

I think scavenger hunts are super fun and can be very romantic if you put some thought and effort into them. Whether you do it in the house or multiple destinations, it will take some planning. Hide cards in different places that give clues to find the next card. Hide them at places that mean something to you and your significant other, like where you met, had your first date or first kiss. Make the last card really special with a nice gift or gesture that ties everything together and makes the running around worth it. I promise this is fun, romantic and will be an awesome memory to hold on to.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day

I have friends who have been together for pretty much forever and they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. They celebrate Groundhog Day instead. No, I am not joking. They don’t want to fall in the trap of the “Hallmark Holiday” where they dish out loads of money on Valentine’s Day cards and expensive meals. Instead, they go out on Groundhog Day. It’s something completely special to them, which is actually kind of cute! Whether you celebrate on a different holiday, a different day of the week that Valentine’s Day falls on, or just a random day, it’s always a good option to save money while being very unique.

Valentines Day Ideas

Search Groupon

Usually using coupons or any other savings tool for dates is looked at as tacky. I think this is only in the beginning of the relationship. Once you’ve been together long enough, saving money isn’t only necessary, but it’s actually rewarding. If using coupons, gift cards and other saving options is OK with you, search for Groupons in your area. Whether it’s for a restaurant, a hotel, an activity or gift, this site will help you have a great Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

Make DIY Gifts

If you’d rather splurge on the actual date and save on the V-Day gifts, go the DIY route! I promise you there are TONS of awesome DIY gift ideas out there for any occasion, but especially Valentine’s Day. They’re all super cute, fun and creative and you’re bound to find one that fits your significant other’s taste. Just do a search on Google or Pinterest and your screen will be flooded with ideas! I can’t take credit for the original idea, but I used some Pinspiration last year for part of my boyfriend’s gift:

Valentines Day DIY


Hopefully these ideas will come in handy for you during this year’s Valentine’s Day. They’re pretty simple, but with your own little twist and some creativity, you can make it special to just you and your loved one. Do you have any inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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  • I’m going to make heart shaped calzones with the kids for dinner. And we’ll do some crafts, from Pinterest of course.


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