7 Crucial Things To Do Before You Leave On Vacation

Whether you will be gone for a week or a weekend, a vacation is something you can always look forward to. Time away from “reality” and a chance to unwind and have a little fun. But before you jet off, you can’t escape the responsibility of preparing the right way. Here are 7 important things you should do before you leave on vacation.

1. Lists on lists on lists on lists

Lists can be a life saver when you have many tasks to complete. You’re even reading one right now! Before you leave, make individual lists to stay organized:

  • What you need to pack
  • What you need to buy
  • Errands you need to run
  • Items you CAN’T forget (like your passport and plane tickets)

The list can go on and on…

2. Let your financial institution know

Your financial institution’s fraud team is always on the lookout for suspicious activity on their debit or credit cardholders’ accounts. If they see anything that’s out of the ordinary from your typical spending, they might suspect it as fraud and deactivate your card. This is only to protect you and your account information. Whether you’re traveling within the country or traveling internationally, be sure to contact your financial institutions and let them know where you’re traveling to, the dates you will be traveling and where you will be stopping along the way. They will put a note on your account so your real transactions won’t be mistaken for fraud.

3. Unplug all your electronics

It’s safe to say that while you are gone, you will not be using the TV or lamp in your living room or the alarm clock in your bedroom. Your electronics suck up electricity even when they’re only plugged in and not actually turned on. Before you leave, go through each room and unplug everything you can (microwave, toaster, televisions, radios, clocks, lamps, humidifiers, nightlights, etc.). Leaving these devices plugged in when they’re not being used is like leaving your car running in the driveway for a week just because you feel like it. Just plain wasteful.

4. Ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on your house

If you have a friend, family member or neighbor that will be around while you’re gone, ask if they can drive by your home a few times to make sure everything looks normal. If you trust them enough, you can give them a key to pop in and even bring in your mail. Some criminals take notice when there hasn’t been activity in a home for an extended period of time. This can deter them from making your home a target. Plus, it’s relieving to know someone has your back while you’re gone.

5. Make sure your bills are paid

It would really put a damper on the refreshed feeling you have when you come back from your vacation to realize you missed a payment on one of your bills. To avoid this, make sure any bill you have due while you are away is paid before you leave.

6. Clean the house

Nothing is better than coming home from vacation with nothing to do but unpack and tell everyone about the amazing time you had. There’s no dishes to do, no vacuuming to get done, no toilets to clean and no toys to put away because you did it all before you left.

7. Relax

Although vacations are supposed to be a time for some R&R, they can be stressful to prepare for. But remember, you deserve this time to enjoy yourself! Just do what you need to do to get ready, breath and leave out the stress.

Are there any must-dos you have before you leave on vacation? Share them in the comments below!


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