25 Organizing Hacks for Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here which of course means spring cleaning. While some people find cleaning to be somewhat therapeutic, I think some of us can agree that cleaning is simply just an annoying chore. You feel accomplished when it’s done, but disappointed and frustrated when just a short week later, everything is a disaster again. Well, organization can be a life saver for that! By organizing like the pros on Pinterest, everything will have a place to go, which means less picking up you have to do (as long as everything is put back right). Here are some organization hacks for you to have a successful and long-lasting spring cleaning.


  • Use a short tension rod inside your under-the-sink cabinet to hang cleaning product spray bottles. Not only does this give you more room to put things inside the cabinet (underneath the bottles) but it prevents them from tipping over and spilling all over the place. Win-win!
  • Use a plastic shoe caddy – like this – to hang over your pantry door to hold single-packaged snacks like granola bars, fruit gummies and oatmeal packets.
  • Use a magazine file to place paper plates and napkins in. Stacking paper plates on top of each other takes up more space. You can also use the magazine file to hold your saran wrap and aluminum foil. Find one here.
  • Store plastic food containers and lids separately. You can place the lids all together in their own separate plastic container and place the containers within one another in a different bin. Try something like this.
  • Use Command strip hooks to hang your broom and mop inside your broom closet or pantry.
  • Attach a magnet to a metal tea tin and hang it on the fridge. These can be used as a nice and unique way to hold pens, pencils and markers for that long to-do list.
  • Use a file organizer – like this one – to hold your baking pans and cutting boards in.
  • If you’re an avid tea drinker, use a silverware organizer to organize and display your tea collection.

Laundry Room & Bathroom

  • Hang your ironing board on fancy curtain rod hooks, like these ones.
  • Use hooks to hang multiple short laundry baskets – like this one – on your wall. This easily separates your laundry and prevents it from ending up (and remaining) on the floor.
  • Use the same type of file organizer you used for the baking pan and cutting board hack to hold your face clothes. Just roll them up and stick them in.
  • Attach two Command hooks to either side of your trash barrel, upside down. When you place a plastic shopping bag in the barrel to hold your trash, hook the loops of the bag around the hook. When you throw stuff away and the bag gets heavy, the hooks will keep it from sinking in.
  • Use a shelf and mason jars to free up counter space. Hang a shelf on your bathroom wall. Inside the mason jars, you can place your Q-Tips, cotton balls, make-up brushes or any other bathroom essential. This not only looks really nice, but it’s pretty cheap, too.
  • Use an olive oil dispenser to hold your mouthwash. Nothing is worse than having that sticky gunk all over the side of your mouth wash bottle from it spilling all over itself.
  • Use these cute mini loaf pans to hold your lipsticks, bobby pins and other beauty accessories inside your vanity draw or on your bathroom counter.
  • If you use bobby pins, I’m willing to bet that you literally find bobby pins EVERYWHERE. Use this magnetic strip and stick it to your wall. Bobby pins stick right to it. The strip also holds metal tweezers, nail clippers or clipping scissors, too!


  • Keep your socks organized inside your drawer with an unused shoe box. Roll them up neatly and place the pairs in the box one-by-one.
  • A corkboard isn’t just for papers and pictures. Use it to hang your jewelry and hair accessories from.
  • This three-pocket organizer is made to go over office cubicle walls, but you can place it over your bedroom door or closet door to hold hair products and accessories, your flips flops or items that you just don’t know what to do with but you got to get them out of the way.
  • Hang shower curtain rings off the bottom part of a clothes hanger. Then, loop one scarf through each of the rings for a space-saving way to store and hang your millions of scarves in one place. You can also use the shower curtain rings to hang your jeans in your closet by one of the belt loops.
  • Never lose an earring again. Use a pill organizer to separate your earrings by pairs. This can also hold your bracelets, as well.
  • User a paper towel holder – like this one – to wrap your belts around.
  • You can also use a paper towel holder that usually gets installed underneath a kitchen cabinet to hold your bracelets or necklaces. Just attach it to your wall or even the side of your dresser.
  • Under-the-bed storage bins are always a life saver for storing things like blankets. You can also use them for those random things that just need to be placed somewhere out of sight.
  • If you already keep your chargers and cords in some type of storage container, that’s a step in the right direction. Go up a level by placing toilet paper rolls vertically inside the box and then place one cord in each roll. This prevents them from getting tangled.

Do you have any organization hacks you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!


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