What To Do With The Leftovers From Your Yard Sale

So you’ve had your yard sale. You sold a few things, made a few dollars and, hopefully, have a little more room in your home now. It’s been a long day and you’re tired. The last thing you want to do is to bring everything back inside! So, what do you do with the leftovers? I recently had a yard sale. I did pretty well, but at the end of the day I still ended up with boxes of unsold items. The following are a few tactics I used to keep the clutter at bay.

Toward the end of the yard sale I began arranging the items into piles. Here is what I did with my stuff:

Give it away

Many people simply put items on the curb with a big FREE sign on them. This works for some items, especially bigger pieces like furniture and baby items. Post on Facebook and hope someone comes to take it all away. A few things to keep in mind though. If the items are not gone by the end of the night, please bring them back inside. Furniture or anything cloth will just get ruined outside and your neighbors don’t want to see the mess. Also, if the items are on a table, you might want to be specific about what is free and what isn’t. Otherwise, you might be out a table too!

Sell it someplace else

If quality items don’t go, consider posting them online on Facebook, eBay or a retail app. You might get more exposure and find some takers. If the items are rare, vintage or collectables, you might even get more money for them than you would have in the yard sale anyway.

Donate it

For items like clothes, housewares or kitchen gadgets, consider donating to your local non-profit organization or community center. Make sure everything is in good working order with all the parts. Clothing should be clean and in good shape. Some places will even pick up, saving you the trouble of loading it up and delivering it!

Pass it on

Another approach that you can take before or after your sale is to hand down items to family members and friends. Know someone who is heading to college, renting their first apartment or starting over? Ask what they need. Do you have younger children in the family that you can hand down gently used clothing to? I have two kids who quickly outgrow clothing and shoes so I divide the bounty into two groups: family and charity. Either way, I can feel good about extending the life of usable items with the confidence that they will be appreciated.

Save it for a future sale

This isn’t my favorite tactic but is an option if you plan on having another sale, and have the space to store the items. You can always pack it away and try again at a later date. Just make sure everything is stored in a clean, dry place so nothing gets damaged. Plus, it is a good idea to add more items to the mix if you are having another sale soon.

Throw it away

I admit it, I don’t like to throw things away! Which is probably why I ended up with so much stuff in the first place! I prefer to try my best to find a home for items because I hate to see good things go to waste. However, if the items don’t fall into any of the above groups, you may be faced with the prospect of having to toss it out. Use your best judgement and if it must go, please recycle. When all else fails, it is up to you to make the choice between living with it, finding a use for it or letting it go.


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