Side Hustle Ideas That Will Make You Extra Money

A lot of buzzwords are attached to the millennial generation, but my favorite by far is the “side hustle”. According to the New York Post, half of millennials are working a side hustle, either for money or love. Though currently associated with the young and broke, side gigs are an eternal source of extra income for people of any age and any tax bracket. Everybody could use some extra cash. Below are five side hustle ideas to make a little bank on the side:

Probably the most famous side hustle gig in the world, driving people around in Ubers and Lyfts, is becoming increasingly more popular among those who own vehicles. There is an application process to be able to drive for Lyft or Uber, including a background check and a car inspection, and each city has different regulations for what types of cars are acceptable. How much you make with these ride-share companies will vary greatly, depending on location and time of day, but Glass Door reports drivers make on average $14-16 per hour. One Lyft driver I met told me that although he lives in Lowell, he chooses to go into Boston after his regular 9-to-5 to work as a Lyft driver, where he could make more money. He used his side hustle money to pay off his new Cadillac in about a year. It’s also possible to drive for these companies without owning a vehicle. You can rent one of their cars, however such a deal comes with the agreement that you will drive at least 74 trips per week, making it less of a side hustle and more of a full-time job. If you’re comfortable behind the wheel and among strangers, driving for Lyft or Uber just might be the perfect side gig for you.

For those not looking to wander far from home while making some money, product surveys might be a better option. These surveys are conducted to gather information about product perception, trends among consumers, and the effectiveness of ad campaigns. The surveys themselves are conducted online through different information gathering companies, such as Pine Cone Research and American Consumer Opinion, and usually take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to complete. Clicking away at questions on the internet takes the same energy as completing a Buzzfeed quiz, and is a pretty passive way to make some extra cash, however they are not very lucrative. A survey on American Consumer Opinions will net you between 100-5,000 points, varying greatly depending on the length of the survey, which can later be turned in for cash. However, one point equals all of one penny. Making money via surveys really only works if you’re willing to take at least two or three surveys a day; you have to be dedicated to this gig. These can be great for people with long commutes on public transportation or those who have downtime that can be earmarked for survey completion. If you’re interested in trying out these money making surveys, check out

If you have any skills or talents, sharing them with the world can be another great side hustle to get in on. Those who did well in school and have some education experience can look into tutoring, both in real life and online, to gain some extra cash. English tutors, especially those who can teach English as a second language, are usually in high demand throughout the world and can easily earn $25/hour for their efforts. Sites like Italki or VIP English connect language tutors and students via the internet and they always seem to be looking for more tutors to fill their ranks, while is a good place to advertise as a tutor of any subject.

If teaching isn’t your thing, there’s also the option of parlaying your skills into some freelance work on the side. One of my friends has a master’s degree in epidemiology and now works as an analytic programmer. Oftentimes on the weekends, he’ll lend his statistical expertise to grad students who need help translating their research into statistical models.

Skills can also translate into physical, sellable goods. If you have a creative hobby, like sewing, knitting or painting, consider selling your creations to the masses. Sites like Etsy or Facebook’s Marketplace allow you to set up your own virtual storefronts to advertise your creations and interact with interested buyers across the world. One of my coworkers loved to sew and regularly created quilts and small clothing items. Her husband was a pipe welder who liked to wear particularly designed baseball caps at work, as the brim could be used to protect the face from the sparks of welding. He convinced my coworker to start making him the hats herself with her sewing skills, and soon after showing off her creations on Facebook she began getting orders from other pipe welders across the country. Pretty much by accident she ended up with a profitable side business, all because her hobby happened to create practical, beautiful creations. In such a situation not only do you get to enjoy your hobby, but you also get to make a little extra money, so no one can ever tell you again that you’re wasting your time.

If you like the idea of selling things on the internet, but not so much the idea of creating original products, consider checking out our article, “How to Make Extra Money Selling Your Stuff on Facebook.” Facebook’s Marketplace is the perfect way to have virtual yard sales throughout the year, making yourself a tidy sum while also decluttering your home.

Do you have a clever side hustle that makes a little extra cash on the side that you’d like to share? Tell us all about them in the comments below so we can all work on building up those emergency funds.

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