I Divorced Cable and Here’s How I Feel About it

One of the expenses that my husband and I have always talked about cutting out of our monthly budget is cable. It has probably been that way since shortly after we signed our contract.

When we moved into our home two years ago, calling Comcast to come connect us to the outside world with cable, Internet and a phone (plus home security) was one of the top priorities.  I’m pretty sure we didn’t even have our living room set up yet, but that white van was outside about two days after we moved in.

After a few months in the world of homeownership, in the midst of planning a wedding and discussing our plans for the future, we quickly realized that cable was one of those unnecessary expenses that was just simply taking up space in our budget. However, breaking up with cable was always all talk and no action, until very recently.

In addition to cable, Netflix is also a line item in our budget. So, for all of our television entertainment (plus the other services bundled with Comcast) we were paying about $185 each month. I know there are many people that have TV service bills much higher than that, and I’m talking double, but to us, it still didn’t seem worth it. Most of the time, we just put something on cable just to put something on, or when we got tired of spending an hour trying to choose what to watch on Netflix – because there are so many choices it’s overwhelming. And aside from a few shows that we (I) watched religiously, there really wasn’t any real reason why we needed cable.

Now that we are preparing for a baby, who will be here in just a few short months (eek!), we are certainly evaluating all of our finances with a fine toothcomb. About a month ago, in great timing, I learned of something that pretty much sealed the envelope on the cable divorce papers. With a Spotify Premium account, you get Hulu FOR FREE. We’ve had a Spotify Premium account for years, and were already paying the monthly subscription fee for it.  To have Hulu included seemed like an amazing deal.

I started my research to find out exactly how it worked. I knew of Hulu, but never really looked into it, as I wasn’t interested in adding any more monthly fees to my life.  It seemed great, but how could I get it on TV? We have a nice TV, but it’s not a Smart TV with Netflix, Hulu and YouTube built into it, and our Chromecast is so old, it doesn’t even work anymore. Then, I remembered about the Amazon Fire Stick. Again, never really looked into it, but the day I did, I tell you it was meant to be. I went to Amazon.com and on the homepage, there was the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K on sale. I love me a sale, especially on one that connects to my girl, Alexa. It was $15 cheaper than the normal price at only $34.99. I was sold.

It came in the mail and I immediately set it up. The next day, I called Comcast and finally did it. I removed cable from our package and even went down to a lower Internet speed. They tried to convince me that I would experience issues going from 150 mbps to 60 mbps, but I decided to try it out and see how it worked for us. That decision alone saved us $15 each month.

It’s been about two weeks without cable, and I can honestly say I don’t miss it at all. Many people are “afraid” to cancel their cable plan because of the things they will miss out on – sports being one of them. We don’t watch sports unless we’re with our friends and they have a game on, so it really isn’t a huge loss for us, but these days, with so many different streaming options, there are other ways to watch sports without cable. You just have to do the research and be willing to take the leap. Those shows that I watch religiously are ALL on Hulu with new episodes available just as fast as they are on cable. And those Internet issues they warned us about? Haven’t experienced them yet, and that’s with seven devices hooked up to Wi-Fi.

Our Comcast bill went from $172 to $88 by quitting cable and ditching the higher Internet speed that we really didn’t need, which freed up a nice chunk of change each month. Our TV entertainment expenses, including Netflix, Spotify with Hulu and Wi-Fi, totals $111. We’re ultimately saving about $75 each month.

It’s nice to know we have that extra money now, and it was a great step in evaluating what we actually need to set us up for a stronger financial future. I would certainly encourage you to also take that step, whether it be with cable or something else.

Aside from the financial gain I feel by canceling cable, I also feel like I have one less thing that’s distracting me from tasks I have to get done. It’s so easy to turn on the TV, and just flip mindlessly through the channels until I find something that’s “good enough” to keep on for background noise while I scroll through social media and ignore the dishes in the sink and the floor that needs to be swept. Sound familiar? Cut the cable cord, save money and do the dishes. You’ll be glad you did.

Have you quit cable?  Tell us your story in the comments below!

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