How I Saved $238 in One Weekend!

Like most moms, I have a long to-do list and not a lot of money. Just a few weeks ago, I was running around town trying to get all of my errands done on a budget. In this post, I’ll share how I used coupons and rewards points to save big!

First, I was overdue for an oil change. I had recently seen some specials online but I didn’t have time for that! After all, I was already out. There are several oil change places in close proximity to my house so I figured I would just “stop in” and see what they could do for me. The first place wanted to charge me $37.99. That was too much so I moved on. I made a few more stops… 41.99, 45.99 and up just for a basic oil change! I asked at each place if they had any specials but none seemed willing to lower their price. Being frugal, I decided it was best to go home (a short drive) and double check for myself. It took me just a few minutes to find and print a coupon for a $24.99 oil change at one of the places I had just stopped at! So, I printed it out and went back. (Note: some places will accept a smart phone coupon, others won’t)

During the oil change they diligently pulled out all of my engine’s dirty filters. They even pulled out one I never knew I had that was obviously in need of a change! For a cabin air filter they wanted to charge me an extra $39.00 and an oil filter would be an extra $27.00. But I knew better! I politely said no thank you and paid my $24.99. At home, I found those same filters online for one-third of the price. I purchased the cabin filter that I needed and replaced it myself.

Oil change Reg. 42.99 Coupon 24.99 Saved: $18.00
Cabin Filter Reg. 39.00 Paid     $10.00 Saved: $29.00
Total Saved:  $46.00

Next, I wanted to get a family portrait done. We were behind schedule and hadn’t had one for a few years. I checked online and noticed that several studios were having holiday sales, but I dug deeper. I went to and found a photo package valued at $149.99 for $14.99. Then I went back to my email and found a bonus $5.00 coupon to use on a Groupon purchase!

At the photo shoot, they tried to get me to buy extra add-ons, like extra photo sheets and holiday cards, but I didn’t bite. I had enough in my photo package to give each member of my family a photo for Christmas and that is all I needed. When I picked up my photos they had printed extra images, again trying to entice me to buy more prints for $20.00. But I stayed strong and got only what I needed.

Photo package Reg. $149.99 Groupon $14.99 Saved: $135.00
Bonus Coupon Saved:     $5.00
Total Saved:  $140.00

Finally, as we were getting ready for our family photo we noticed that my husband needed dress shoes. We made a quick trip to a local retail store where I had some purchase points to use. We found a pair of shoes on sale for $45.00 that would suit our needs. I handed them a $8.00 register coupon and used the remaining $28.00 bonus points on my account. When everything was added up, we ended up buying his new shoes for just $9.00!

Dress Shoes Reg. $60.00 Sale $45.00 Saved: $15.00
In-store coupon Saved:   $8.00
Bonus Points on merchant account Saved: $28.00
Total Saved:  $51.00

All in all I spent $54.98 over the weekend and saved $238.00! It really pays to do your homework, print coupons in advance and shop smart!

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  • Yes, there are always some ways to save some money. Using coupons is a good way. As you said, printing coupons in advance is a good tip. Sometimes, taking a look at advertisement from local newspapers will find some discounts.


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