6 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Start a Business

Have you been bitten by the business bug? Check this list to confirm if you’re truly ready to become an entrepreneur.
  1. You feel a burning passion for the product or service you want to market, and you’re not just looking to open a business because you aren’t happy at your current job.
  2. You’re certain there is a true demand for your product. Research it carefully, survey your family and friends, and get a good feel for the market before you plunge into it.
  3. Your personal finances are in a good place and can handle the risk.
  4. You have the physical strength and the headspace to give your new business your all.
  5. You have a sound financial plan for your business.
  6. You have the full support of your spouse, friends and family.

Can you confidently say yes to all of the above? Check out this list of resources to get started!  Once you’re ready, check out Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union’s business account options – from checking and savings to lending and credit cards. Our Business Services Advisors are always available to help you.

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