12 Affordable Things To Do In The Fall

Ahh, hoodie weather is here, the trees are turning, and even the early morning smells and feels like fall. You may be sad that summer is over. Pool parties, cookouts and beach days are behind you and you know what’s coming for us all in a few months (I won’t say the “S” word). But just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun… and do so without breaking the bank. Here are 12 affordable things to do in the fall.

Apple picking

This one might seem so obvious and pretty basic, but it’s honestly one of the best parts of fall. There is nothing better than freshly picked apples. An apple picking day is great for everyone, no matter how old you are or how big your group is. Whether you’re a family of six or it’s just you and your hunny, find an orchard or a farm near you and get picking! And, don’t forget to get some delicious apple cider donuts while you’re there.


Fall festivals

Fall is a great time for community festivals which is why there are so many! Between a new, beautiful harvesting season and Halloween, there is almost guaranteed to be a fall festival of some sort near you. Carnival games, pumpkin patches, yummy food, cool and creepy costumes are sure to be included.

Farmer’s Markets

Of course these exist in the summer too, but there is something new and fresh about the turn of the season at farmer’s markets. Vegetables like squash, pumpkin, carrots and potatoes are ingredients everyone needs for those comforting and warm fall dishes!


Fall foliage tours

Whether you take a drive in your car, get moving on your feet or hit the bike trails, fall foliage tours offer a relaxing and beautiful part of any fall day, especially a weekend morning. Whether you find tours available in your town or a surrounding area, or get out on your own, you don’t want to miss the beautiful sights of fall foliage around you.

Bake fall-y desserts

Remember all those apples you picked when you went apple picking? Use them to make yummy desserts! Between apple pies, apple pancakes, candied apples, turnovers and Danishes, the list goes on. If you’re not into apple dishes, there are tons of different fall recipes out there.


Indoor camping

Camping is such a fun and cheap summer get-a-away so it’s kind of a bummer when it gets too cold to camp outside. But, why let that stop you? Grab your sleeping bags, pump up the air mattress and pitch a tent right in your living room. It’s a little different and might feel a little weird, but different is good! Especially when it includes yummy snacks and snuggling up with your best friends, kids or significant other.


It doesn’t matter what the season is, there is always someone in need. There are so many organizations and one-day events that need enthusiastic people ready to help their cause. This is especially true around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Volunteer your time to serve others in need this fall.


Learn to crochet/knit

It’s always a good time to pick up a new hobby, and fall is the perfect time to learn how to crochet or knit. It’s fun and creative and you can make hats, gloves and scarfs for the colder weather that is soon to arrive. Visit your local craft store to buy an instructional book and all the materials you need. The stuff you make can also make pretty neat gifts your loved ones are sure to appreciate!

Start holiday shopping

I am always jealous of the people who have their holiday shopping done before the last week in November, but they definitely have something right! Starting your shopping sooner than later allows you to spread your purchases out so that you’re not spending a huge chunk of money all at once. Procrastinators know what I am talking about here. You’ll also avoid long lines and crazy shoppers when holiday shopping really kicks in. Even if you don’t want to physically go shopping just yet, it might help to start making notes of what you think you’ll get people so that it’s easier to shop once you start.


Have a fire

There is nothing better than sitting by a fire on a cool, crisp fall night, snuggled in a sweatshirt and comfy clothes with your favorite people. Invite your best friends and family over and have a fire in your yard. It might be cold out, but it’s always warm by the fire. You can even make some yummy fall snacks and drinks.

DIY Fall/Christmas Décor

One of the best things between fall and winter is all the cute decorations that people have in their homes, dorm rooms and offices. But, they can be costly. Make your own! There are so many different ideas you can do and all it takes is a simple internet search. What’s great is that you won’t have to worry about buying decorations next year because they will already be made!


Witch tours and haunted houses

Halloween is always a favorite time of year for people. There are so many different kinds of tours and haunted houses or hayrides you can go to if you enjoy really getting in the Halloween spirit. However, they can be expensive and you usually spend 90% of the time waiting in long lines in the freezing cold. So, if you want to avoid that, turn your house into a haunted house for a night or a weekend. Invite friends over for a party to enjoy or just do it for the kids.

Do you have any affordable actives you’re planning and feel like sharing? Comment below and let us know what you have planned this fall!

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